Ancient Societies Workshop: Directed by Eckart Frahm and Irene Peirano Garrison. This year’s series will address “Fakes, Forgeries and the Making of Antiquity” in Archaia’s participating disciplines. READ MORE

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Ancient Societies: Jas Elsner
“The Artemidorus Papyrus: Backgrounds and Shadows, Authenticity and Virtuality in the History of Ancient Art.”
Christoper Rollston (George Washington University): “Forging Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions in the 21st Century CE: Caveat Eruditus.” 
March 23 - 36. In chronological terms there can be little doubt that the fifth century is the pivot point of Late Antiquity. It is arguable that it also represents the major...
Yale University seeks to appoint a Postdoctoral Associate in ancient and pre-modern cultures and civilizations. The geographic scope includes East Asia, India, Central Asia,...