News and Events

 ”Authorship” and Polemics of “Forgery”
Milette Gaifman (Yale) will address “Declines of Greek Art” on Friday, December 2nd at noon in Phelps 401 as part of the Classics Departments’ series on Declines and Falls.
Fakes and the Maniuplation of Time: A Babylonian Case
The Twelve Caesars: Fictions and Fakes, Meanings and Misunderstandings from the Renaissance to Now
The Quantification of Literary Doubt in the Enlightenment
The 2016-2017 Yale Maya Series kicks off on Friday, September 30th at noon with “The Grolier Codex: A Voice from the 13th Century,” a lecture by Dr. Michael D. Coe (Charles J...
How a Ninth-Century Bishop Became a Forger and Gave Us Human Rights
Be My Baby in Babylonia: Two Incantations in the Schoyen Collection
Dead Dogs and the Lord of the Universe: Babylonians Write to the Assyrian King Lecture by Michael Jursa University of Vienna Wednesday, September 28th 4:30pm, Judaica Studies...
The Pastiche, the fake and the authentic: from Stendahl Galleries to the world
Materiality, Digitality, and the Sociology of Text: What is Happening to Chinese Antiquity? Martin Kern, Professor of Asian Studies at Princeton University, on Thursday, 9/22...