Ancient Societies Workshop 2017–18 Theme: “Slavery, Dependency, and Genocide in the Ancient and Premodern World.” READ MORE

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greenland ice
“Ancient history in Greenland ice”  Monday, Septermber 24, 2018- 4:00pm Kline Geology Lab (Auditorium)
The Yale Nile Initiative Lecture Series: Mark Macklin, Monday, April 16, 2018 4-6pm
The Yale Nile Initiative Lecture Series: Mark Macklin “When the Nile ran dry: human responses to rapid Holocene hydrological change in upper Nubia.” April 16, 2018...
Korean circular world map. Literally: “Complete map of the world beneath the heavens"
“Provincialising pre-modern Europe: Can we free slavery, genocide, gender, etc from western Enlightenment categories?” With commentary by James Scott, Yale Friday March 30,...
Painting of a seated woman playing a kithara
Dr. Hilary Becker, Binghamton University. TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2018 5:30 PM PHELPS 207 (344 College St).